A Temple of Strings

The Temple of Strings Part 3

After waiting for an hour the party is convinced that the goblins have fled for good. They begin carefully combing their way through the tunnels. They find no goblins but they do encounter zombies locked in a room marked Danger!.
Shambling corpses weren’t the only scare they encountered. The party began to realize that at one time this was a temple to Abaal the god of Evil. They come across a worship chamber complete with stone pews, gothic pictures in marble, and a headless marionette, a traditional representation of Abaal, over a well adorned ceremony table. They also came across some sort of magical pool which Bilgar noticed seemed to be powered by blood. After Geoff tossed a goblin carcass in the pool a pixie like demon appeared. The Imp’s face quickly cycled from shocked, to confused and he quickly disappeared (to never return I would assume).

After exploring they hear the sound of the goblins returning. The ground shakes as 4 goblins fell a tree near the room the group hides in. Geoff looks out the hole in the roof to investigate and startles the goblins who flee, or so he thinks. Geoff leaves through the roof but takes a hand axe to the back as he tries to help Traveler out. As it turns out one goblin stayed to see if the adventurers would try to leave through the hole. The goblin runs off and by the time the group has made their way into the forest clearing above the tunnels the goblins have returned with their leader, Frida Greatheart.

Frida reminds the crew that she had warned them that this would lead to trouble before donning a nightmarish mask and leading her last goblins into battle. The party would not be defeated this time though, they had learned from their failure and they answered the goblins screams with battle cries of their own (or sarcastic comebacks in Harold’s case). Their resolve was tested as Geoff fell from a well coordinated attack by two goblins and is later bitten with the vicious fangs of Frida’s Mask. Traveler is quickly overwhelmed with the remainder of the goblins while Frida takes her time attacking her main source of frustration, Harold Contrite. The party may well have been overwhelmed if it weren’t for the newfound mastery shown by Bilgar Half-Pint. Darting in and out of the shadows he kills two goblins. Traveler kills another and Frida sacrifices the final one in an attempt to escape. Out of spells and bloodied Harold makes a final desperate move, lassos Frida and jumps back through the hole into the goblin tunnels. With Bilgar’s short sword still stuck through her back she tumbles to her death but not before throwing a final blow at Harold and knocking him unconscious.

With this the party is victorious. They are bloody, and three of them are unconscious, but they have defeated the goblins, rid Triboar of their treasonous guard captain, and gotten their revenge.


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