Bears and Bugs and Birds! Oh My!

During the night Mazik visits once again. He is deeply irritated that he still does not have his obsidian disk yet and decides to take it himself. In his rustling and cursing, he wakes Harold who makes quick work of the imp with a few sickening rays. The demon dies, but not before soiling Harold’s bag with vomit and blood.

The party continues on their journey, most of them unaware of what had happened to everyone’s (some people’s) favorite nuisance. As they walk they continue to notice pieces of scenery that look out of place, some plants and flowers that seem to have unnatural color and vivacity. The forest also grows darker and falls into a constant twilight.

As they pass over a cluster of dark gray speckled mushrooms the mushrooms burst, releasing a fog cloud. Immediately they are ambushed by a pack of wild animals. A bear and dire wolf working in tandem manage to bring down Echo before she can use her own animal forms and blood hawks and red-banded spiders attack Harold and Bilgar. Into the commotion rush Jerich and his crazed elf companion. Through luck or divine means Jerich manages to find Echo in the fog and dispense some of his holy magic as he holds off the wolf and bear. The elf fares just as well, throwing his wild magics in every direction and thankfully hitting only enemies. With their numbers swelled the group dispatches the beasts, Harold dashing a spider against a tree and Bilgar having an extended duel with a hawk.

As the fog clears they realize that Bilgar, Harold, Echo, Jerich, and the Elf realize they have been cut off from the rest of the party by a large hedge that has grown through the middle of the path. After making introductions, with Jerich explaining that he was told to find the party by his god and the Elf explaining that he is lost and a little off his rocker, the group decides to cut (or burn) their way through the hedge. On the other side they find an identical path and set of footprints. By this point they can no longer hear Geoffs distant shouting. They decide to follow the initial path they were on and hopefully find the group as they made their way.

Unfortunately, they find themselves falling into another trap as Jerich and the Elf tumble through a false floor into a pit clouded with spores. They are immediately set upon by a monster made up of hardened clumps of these spores. However, Bilgar quickly learns that they are up against more than just a spore thrall. As he darts out of sight into the exit tunnel he is grabbed by a carnivorous cavern moss that slams him into the ceiling and begins to sap his strength. Thanks to the combined effort of everyone (except Bilgar) the thrall quickly falls, taken down by one of the Elf’s firebolts. They then struggle to release Bilgar from the crutches of this hardy moss….

Freed and exhausted the group takes a moment to rest by the path.


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