Damsel & Dain in Distress

The Shambling Man 1

With two party members unconscious and Dawn just awaking Traveler had his hands full trying to mend as many wounds as possible. Bilgar tried his best to help but was immediately accosted by Mazik, the imp summoned by Geoff and Bilgar. The tiny fiend was convinced that he had been tricked into servitude in some way and tried to bully the answer out of the overwhelmed gnome. After being told that “friendship” was the only bond Bilgar would hold over Mazik the imp once again disappeared.
Meanwhile brew-master and druid Frederick Pumpernickel is hard at work trying to explain the virtues of Pumpernickel Ale to a fellow druid, Echo the half-elf, while walking her to her next destination in her many month quest in search of her kidnapped brother. Coming upon the scene of the slaughter the two druids heal Harold and Geoff, although the bite Geoff took from Frida’s mask still has a concerning black look to it.
Geoff, being first to be revived, immediately finds Frida’s mask and, after agreeing to give it to Bilgar after, puts it on. He suffers no ill effects and claims to feel re-invigorated to everyone’s relief. Once Harold is revived he immediately asks after the mask, which Bilgar denies he has. Unfortunately the now drunk Frederick Pumpernickel accidentally reveals the secret. Harold offers to trade the contents of Frida’s hidden lock box in order to hold onto the mask but is quickly interrupted as a disk of obsidian (one they quickly realized fit the strange indent in the floor of the worship chamber) flew out of the box and down into the caves.
Unfortunately the disk is heavy and its wielder, Mazik, was tiny. Harold quickly caught up to him and was able to spot the invisible creature thanks to a detect magic spell. He retrieved the disk and the party searched the caves one last time for any clues that may help Echo find her lost brother. Hidden in one of Frida’s drawers they found a manifest showing the sale of 2 slaves and many items from The Ancients Breath missing shipments. Echo joins the party in the hopes that the party will search for their missing cargo and lead her to her missing brother. Realizing he has lost the sale and quickly descending into a hangover Frederick departs to go home to his small gnomish community of Wheaberry.
Pushed on by Traveler the group returns to Triboar. The city seems to be more lively as people are pouring in for the St. Cuthbert festival, now only a week away. After a quick visit to Milton’s they hear a commotion in the street.
Rushing out they find Dain Quickfellow, the hunter who had suggested Dawn as their guide. He is hysterical, claiming that both his house and his wife are gone. They follow him out of town to find his small cottage destroyed. Harold quickly finds that the cottage had been torn down board by board, and where all others failed Dawn was able to find a trail that led them to Dain’s wife who had fled into the forest and hidden in a thorn bush.
After they calm her down she tells them that the monster that destroyed the house had left in the direction of the graveyard to the northeast. Dain swears that this is all the work of Father Longfellow, the temple priest, and claims that there is rumor of him disturbing the graveyard.
Dawn offers to have the couple stay in her room at the Blacksmiths and the party makes their way towards the temple to talk to Father Longfellow. After a few minutes of forceful chatting Longfellow attempts to flee but as he passes into his office is set upon and grappled by a huge snake (Frederick the druid mysteriously reunited with the party). Bound and afraid he tells the party that he had been practicing archaeology on some of the graves (he later admitted to stealing to get gold for the temple). One day he stayed past nightfall and a terrifying figure arose from one of the crypts. He immediately fled, and ever since then he has heard stories of the Shambling man.


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