The Shambling Man

Rushing from the temple Geoff hurtles off in search of town guards to arrest Father Longfellow, the occasional grave-robber and currently crying old man. Entering the bustling town square he comes across two guards and frantically explains that all the guard needed to be summoned to fight the Shambling man who was currently attacking the town temple. Of course the Shambling Man was not currently attacking the temple. After gathering a larger group of guards and a member of middle management the audacious story was eventually boiled down to the fact that Father Longfellow needed to be arrested. Two guards were sent to arrest the old man and eventually one of them became convinced that the other should help the adventurers find and kill the shambling man. The second guard, Thaddi, was eventually able to rid himself of this responsibility by shamefully making excuses for himself for several minutes. On the way out of town Harold also excused himself, saying he “had something he needed to go do” after a strange series of candles began lighting up in windows as he passed by them.

After a little over an hour of walking they come to the Grimstone Graveyard. The graves were still disturbed as Longfellow had described and, after a bit of investigation, Echo determined that the graveyard was laced with magical enchantments that would activate once night fell. After a bit of exploring of the small Mausoleum, and activation of its lightning trap, the group settled in and waited for nightfall.
Less than an hour after night fall the group learned why Longfellow had fled. A scarecrow and a shadowy figure rose from two of the undisturbed graves and attacked the party. After dispatching both minions the party met the graveyards ghostly resident, Albreich Grimstone. In return for some peace and quiet the spirit gave the group information regarding the Shambling man, who was of course not the character spotted by Father Longfellow in this graveyard. Grimstone told them that the Shambling man was St. Cuthbert, local folk hero and founder of Triboar nearly 300 years ago. According to the spirit he had become the target of Abal’s ire and was made into her undead servant, a guardian for a prisoner she kept in a nearby temple. If the guardian has escaped then what must have happened to the prisoner, mused Albreich. He refused to tell the adventurers what had been kept prisoner, if he had any idea at all.

The adventurers then set off in the dark of night to kill the St. Cuthbert, again. They found the undead man where Albreich said he would be, resting next to his memorial outside of the town. He was a horrific monster, most of the bones in his body had been broken giving him a crackling shamble whenever he moved, his jaw and tongue had been removed, and he was branded in runes. He immediately rushed at the approaching adventurers spraying a nauseating cloud and attacking with both blade and magic. After suffering numerous wounds he was felled, Echo’s severing most of his neck in her bear form.
With the party victorious Geoff knocked over the statue of St. Cuthbert and the group camped next to the slain foe.


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