Colm Hadley

Enigmatic First Mate of The Ancients Breath


A sharply dressed elven mage who seems to be the figurehead for The Ancients Breath sense of adventure. He has a quick wit, easy smile, and a caring heart and the levity he brings to most situations makes him difficult to read.
He serves as the First Mate, Head Wizard, and Head Occultist on the Ancients Breath. There isn’t a secret or mystery on Ancients Breath that Colm doesn’t know.


First mate Colm recruited both Harold Contrite and Bilgar Half-Pint to the Ancients Breath.
Harold he recruited after finding him working his way through the towns along the Arashe river as an Occult Consultant.
Bilgar was recruited after trying to pick Colm’s purse on Cualdar’s docks. Colm gave the choice of the sword or “voluntary servitude”.

Colm Hadley

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