Frida Greatheart

Dour (and Deceased) Captain of Triboar's Guard


A seemingly overworked and overtired captain of Triboar’s guard but secretly the leader of a local band of goblins.


Warned Harold, Bilgar, and Geoff not to pursue the local goblins multiple times before they discovered that she was the goblin leader. After capturing the party she released them under the condition that they return to town victoriously, drawing attention from her goblins. She then exiled the party, including Dawn, a local of Triboar, and Geoff, a frontiersman.

She put up a fearsome fight when the party came back for their revenge. In the end sacrificing her last goblins and using a fearsome magical mask was not enough to stop the party. She fell to her death after taking many wounds.

Frida Greatheart

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