A Path to Revenge
The Temple of Strings Part 2

An angry Dawn, Harold, Geoff, and Bilgar leave the town of Triboar battered and defeated. While they consider their options of giving up or facing a second defeat they come across a mysterious figure on the road, a member of the Grey Cloaks who only goes by “Traveler”. He shares his quest of defeating a monster, the shambling man, who has been eating livestock and even attacking farmers. The party come to an accord, they will help Traveler defeat the shambling man if he helps them exterminate the goblins and gain revenge on Frida Greatheart.

With a new fire in their hearts the new fellowship make their way back to the goblin hideout. On the way they are ambushed by two wargs with goblin riders. The wargs attack with stealth and precision however, their plans fall apart as one of the wargs (the survivor of the parties previous attack) breaks from the attack formation to attack Harold. The warg tried to take revenge for the toll that Harold’s necromantic magics had taken but thanks to the newest party member, and a heroic display of warg riding from Bilgar, the wargs were defeated.

The party decides on a new angle of attack and sneak through a hole they had created in the roof of the tunnels. This attack starts nearly as bad as the last. Bilgar is trapped in a room alone with two Hobgoblins and his unconscious body is thrown into a fireplace. Desperate to rescue the endearing gnome Geoff and Traveler break down the door and the rest of the party quickly turns the tide. They revive Bilgar but one hobgoblin escapes to warn others.

Thanks to a well cast light spell from Harold the ensuing battle quickly turns to a slaughter as the goblins are trapped in the corridor and picked down from a distance. Overconfident, Dawn chases the hobgoblin hoping he’ll lead her to revenge against the one who exiled her from her home; Harold follows, ever a supporter of overconfidence. The two are shot down by more goblin re-reinforcements. Geoff and Bilgar find themselves unable to help their downed comrades as they are locked in a bloody stalemate with two goblins in the narrow tunnels. Traveler once again comes to the rescue, killing the hobgoblin and scaring the other goblins into fleeing.

After seeing glimpses of some mysterious (and creepy) worship rooms the party retreats to a safe room and uses their last healing potion to revive Harold. With Dawn still unconscious they prepare themselves for the inevitable counterattack

Missing Cargo
The Temple of Strings Part 1

As the the The Ancients Breath docks in the golden city of Samaria three crew members are sent on a special mission to investigate the dissapearance of a recent shipment to the small town of Triboar. In order to secure the important trading route to the frontier lands Captain Eli sends Bilgar Half-Pint and Geoff under the command of the ships new Junior Occultist, Harold Contrite. This small band are tasked with investigating the disappearance and secure the route for the larger shipments that will be rolling in for the Triboar festival, a time of year where many of those wandering the frontier return to Triboar to purchase their yearly supplies.

After an uneventful ride (other than Bilgar’s badgering of the caravan’s Dragonborn guardsman) the crew reaches Triboar. They are immediately questioned by the captain of the guard Frida Greatheart. She is very clear that the town doesn’t need any heroes stirring up trouble.
While Geoff spends most of his time reconnecting with family and friends in the area Bilgar and Harold learn that a new goblin tribe is rumored to have moved in near the town. After being thrown out of the town hall and the guards barracks looking for help (and compensation) to deal with the goblins the crew hires Dawn Mistwalker to lead them to the goblins.

They reach the goblin camp but not until after they end the tragic story of Wuzig the Bridge-less. Dawn offers to wait outside and lead them back to the town when they are finished doing what heroes do. Unfortunately the party quickly faces resistance after they are all knocked unconscious by a vicious pair of Wargs.

They awake as prisoners of the goblins and their leader Frida Greatheart and after a failed rescue attempt by Dawn the party is forced to make a deal. In order to avoid drawing attention to the goblins Frida allows the party to live so long as they show their faces in Triboar, proving that the goblins were no more, and then leave and never return. Seeing no option they agree and are marched back to the town and locked away in Frida’s home for the night.
Early the next day the party trudges out from Triboar away from their quest and, in Dawn and Geoff’s case, their homes…

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