After resting long enough to allow Rhonir to recuperate the party once again set off for Celador and Triboar. But not before Hammit had a chance to question the chaotic elf while his guard was down. Rhonir had travelled from Celeador with a newcomer claiming to be a fabled Mistwalker. According to Rhonir’s story, the newcomer failed in the fey while Rhonir returned with growing power. Hammit shares that he believes Rhonir to be the true Mistwalker. They must make their way to Celador’s elders to learn their judgement.

The party is once again met with Bearfolk as they make their way from the swamp. They are decidedly less friendly this time (despite not being that friendly before). They are hearded into a glen where tow Bearfolk leaders are arguing, Fionnighal and Aristan. Arsitan is pleading with the Bearfolk to kill the elves, since they will eventually regain their health and come back to wage war. Fionneghal refuses the idea, it is against the honor that their people stand for. If war comes they’ll fight it, but they won’t slaughter unarmed prisoners.

Geoff and Rhonir try their hand at calming the angry Bearfolk, offering gifts for passage and swearing that no war would come to the Bearfolk. As they do Hammit steps forward to speak for the elves. The elves will return to take back their land, no matter what the Bearfolk decide. Just as he finishes speaking he is struck with an arrow and falls. A dark shape darts back into the treeline, a fey elf. Battle breaks out, Fionneghal and Arsitan’s forces clash with the undefended elves in the middle. Much of the party stays to keep the bearfolk from tearing the elves apart.

Thanks to a burst of wild magic Rhonir is able to teleport and catch the fey elf. Geoff, Echo, and Egor (Echo’s brother) work to kill Arsitan and his bodyguards. In the confusion, Bilgar slips away into the forest and begins catching the Bearfolk not yet in the fight unawares. Rhonir falls with multiple arrows in the chest but is brought back with a healing potion. The fey elf slips away while he is unconscious. Bilgar kills a few of the Bearfolk in the forest before joining the battle in the glen. Meanwhile, Arsitan falls to a dozen blows and Fionneghal declares the argument decided, the Elves may leave.

With that the battle is over, the Bearfolk take their dead, except Arsitan, and leave. With eight now dead the elves find their way back to Celador. The party is once again greeted by Erwedas’ scouts. Since the elves were so heavily in the parties debt, Bilgar is able to guilt one of them into giving him a rapier. The elves, along with Rhonir, then make their way back to Celador. The rest of the party is not permitted to see the city. In Celador Rhonir is questioned by the council and they come to the same conclusion as Hammit, Rhonir must be the Mistwalker sent to help them in their war against the fey. They ask him to stay, to learn his powers and lead their people in the battles to come. He takes some time to think, buying a few items his party members had requested from the elves and making the journey to camp. When he arrived he had made his decision. He would stay with the elves, win back the life he’d lost, and help them in their war.

Elf Moses

As the Ogre smashes his axe into the door again, everyone, including Arlew and his crew, stack up and prepare attacks. After a few moments, which Traveler uses to fire shots through the minute holes in the door, the ogre breaks though, destroying the door and the ceiling beams bringing the room crashing down around it. As everyone dives for cover, Timmeth, Geoff, and Jerich are trapped beneath a falling bed. Diving and rolling through the rubble Arlew is able to release a perfect shot from his crossbow and the ogre comes crashing down swatting at the crossbow bolt embedded between its eyes.

As the ogre falls the floor beneath him collapses and everyone sees into the basement for the first time. At one end of the stone corridor there is a flaming portal leading into a marsh and at the other a cage can barely seen through the smoke. Screams for help echo up from the basement as the flames quickly spread across the ceiling beams and through the stonework. Seeing the cage, Harold runs back to the body of Grundy the gnome and searches for his keys. Meanwhile Timmeth jumps into the basement, just ahead of the flames, and begins pouring magical acid on the locks. Harold and Echo quickly follow, although they have to rush through the quickly spreading flames that have now engulfed most of the hallway. The lock gives way under the acid and dozens of near naked, emaciated elves stampede from the cage, its bars starting to glow in the heat. Pushing through the throng Harold is unlicks the basement door and they all rush for the main exit. A few elves are left behind, either dead from the flames, or from their captivity.

As the near 70 elves (64 to be exact) collapse outside of the demonic house Echo finds the one she was looking for, the only half-elf in the group, and the only elf that is still fully clothed, her brother. Immediately Timmeth, held in awe by the elves as a savior, begins preaching the story of how he was sent by the stars and gods to save them. Harold, despite obviously being a fan of organized religion, tries his best to discredit the charismatic elf ‘prophet’ but just as Timmeth proclaims that he will lead them safely from this demi-plane the house shakes, the basement collpases, and the demi-plane dissolves. This mix of lucky timing and persausive lying cements Timmeth as someone very important in the minds of many of the elves, a few of whom seem to recognize him from his previous life. One of the elves, Hammit, who seems less exhausted and frazzled from the captivity recognizes Timmeth as the Rhonir of Celador.

Back in the collapsed house, everyone begins looting, looking for the items that Milton sent them to find. They manage to find everything except the bag of eyes. Geoff stops for a few minutes attempting to coerce the ghost to speak to him but she remains silent, despite his best efforts. In Gideon’s study Bilgar and Harold find a chest full of gold and potions and unlock it, after first disabling a very clever lock. They pile the gold into 8 sections and find 250gp and 37pp. In the remnents of the kitchen they also manage to find barrels of water and bags of oatcakes which are distributed to the elves. The sun just begins to rise as they begin a good long rest.

By mid-afternoon they set off. At first seeming a little confused that the elves would wnat to follow them, and their elven saviour, back to safety. They start making their way off the series of islands when they encounter a monstrously fat giant. It drags the body of Gormal, the bearfolk, behind it. Out of instint Traveler shoots before the giant notices everyone. It bellows in rage and charges madly across the landbridge connecting the swamp and the islands. Everyone looses their various ranged attacks and Jerich and Geoff take defensive positions on the edge of the island, however, the giant never makes it that far. He runs into Rhonir’s (the elf formerly known as Timmeth) wall of wind and is slowed to a crawl while being pelted with. He quickly loses interest and turns around to find another way through but Geoff and Rhonir aren’t content to leave this fight unnended and they mercelessly mock the giant. While he doesn’t seem to understand the common tongue they use he still seems offended with Rhonir’s challenge and before departing he hurls the body of Gormal at the sorcerer. The elf is knocked unconscious as the furry body of your now dead bear-friend slams into him.

Talk Shit Get Crit

As the party enjoys a meal hosted by Lord Gideon Saltmarsh Echo, having seen the horrors hidden throughout the house, excuses herself to fetch Frederick, Harold, and Traveler, who had been skulking outside in case of ambush. Hearing the story, and having determined on his own that the manor was its own demi-plan, Harold stormed into the hall and demanded answers. After a brief moment of stammering, Gideon realized his charade was up and sprang for the exit but Bilgar had him at knifepoint before he could take more than a step. In a few strides Harold crossed the room and cast inflict wounds with a slap. A half dozen wide gashes opened in across Gideon’s chest and neck and he fell forward to the table inches from death. With his final breath, he hissed out “Groros help me” and brought a fireball crashing down on himself.

In an instant the great hall was destroyed. Only Bilgar and Geoff were quick enough to avoid the blast, the rest were engulfed in flames and shrapnel. The four servants and Gideon were killed and Frederick and Echo were thrown unconscious.

Not wasting any time the party charged through the house after the Manservant Grundy who had left the room just before the commotion. Traveler and Timmeth stayed for a moment to help Frederick and Echo back to their feet. Breaking into two groups they found a number of enemies throughout the house. A fight broke out between Bilgar, Geoff, and a Flesh Golem who had been waiting in the kitchen, and between Jerich, Echo, and a Ghoul. Timmeth killed the ghoul, despite seeming a little absent minded the whole fight, and Echo killed the ghoul in the tradition manner of dire wolves, ripping out its tongue and then crushing its throat.

With the unthinking enemies out of the way they came to Grundy and the Half-Orcs who had barricaded themselves in the servants quarters. Upon hearing Harold shout for a healing potion they quickly struck trying to bring down the wounded wizard with crossbow bolts, however, a quick casting of shield kept him safe from all but one of the bolts. With the door open the entirety of the group struck with Echo jumping the barricade, Geoff and Jerich bashing through a wall, and the rest attacking from a distance. One of the half-orcs fell, once again brought down by the absent minded Timmeth, and their leader began attempting to reason his way out of the fight. After learning that the half-orcs were as much prisoners as the rest of the party they decided to join forces in their escape, only after Grundy was excecuted of course.

As they took a breath in the calm after the constant fighting there was a slam at the door, as the point of an axe burst its way through the woodwork.

Gifted Heart
The Gang Fights a Tree

As Geoff, Frederick, Jerich, Traveler, and the Elf heal their wounds Bilgar, Echo, and Harold finally make their way to the clearing at the center of the maze. As they do a door opens in the side of the Dryad’s tree. Inside is a room (a room much larger than the tree itself) with an ornate throne, a feasting table, and a writing desk (although the writing utensils were birch and charcoal rather than proper paper). On the table was a feast, a vegan feast unfortunately but its better than rations. After much careful thought Bilgar and Geoff entered the tree and began eating. When the rest of the group decided that the tree was safe they joined in for the feast, except for the Elf, who had come quite attached to the name Tim Horton and who didn’t trust the fey food. Through careful experimenting they also learned that the throne was safe… and quite comfortable. On the table Echo found 4 potions of healing and 6 roots that she didn’t recognize. Frederick was able to determine that the roots weren’t poisonous, although he didn’t recognize them. Echo and Geoff each tried one and found that the root granted huge boosts of energy with, something akin to ginseng and cocaine. Naturally neither felt the need to sleep for the entire night. The group took shelter in the tree and slept for the night, although Tim slept outside, still not trusting the tree. He made an attempt to sleep in the tree, spending a good amount of time climbing 50 feet to the nearest branch but quickly found the wind and height too terrifying to allow him to sleep.

The next morning they prepared to set off until Geoff and Tim noticed a glow coming from behind a curtain inside of the tree room. Geoff investigated and found a cradle full of twigs, moss, and leaves similar to a birds nest. In the center of the cradle was a ball of golden light, around an inch in diameter. Geoff took not only the orb but also the cradle. As he left the tree a quartet of vines reached out for the crade to return it, prompting Tim to hurl a firebolt at the cradle, alighting the dried moss and quickly setting the cradle ablaze. This of course prompted Geoff to hurl the flaming cradle at Tim. The vines quickly shot out to retrieve the cradle and its contents but Tim managed to retrieve the glowing orb and store it in his pack using mage hand. Thus began a fight against the only might the tree could manage to muster, four solitary vines. Needless to say these were quickly hacked apart.

Having dealt with the tree and its mysterious contents the group once again made its way towards Eggintoft. The maze proved easier to navigate while the hedges were no longer moving themselves. Through Traveler’s guidance and help from Frederick who scurried along the top of the hedge as a spider they managed to exit the hedge maze by early afternoon.

They don’t travel far before they are stopped again. By late afternoon Echo hears the sound of large shapes approaching. Calling out in greeting she persuades them to come out of hiding. Breaking from the tree line on three sides come five huge Bearfolk. The leader, a huge bear with war paint and a long braided mane, tells the group that they are tresspassing on the Bearfolk’s territory and have brought their enemy, an elf, into their home. Given the menacing tone and unsheathed weapons, a warhammer and axe, he doesn’t seem to interested in being persuaded. Goeff, Echo, and Tim have different plans however and they manage to convince the leader, Fionnaghal, that he should send Gormal, one of his scouts, to guide the party from the forest. In return for help Tim offers the golden orb they found in the Dryad’s home to Fionneghal as a gift. Greatful for this following of ancient tradition of Elves offering gifts in return for safe passage Fionnaghal agrees. However, the trade was made between Tim and Finneghal in secret and Tim lied about where they found the orb, no longer shining and now a gold saplike orb within a clear glasslike ball, saying they captured it from a goblin horde.

They travel the rest of the day with Gormal, the Bearfolk scout, and Echo and Geoff are able to learn more about the Bearfolk through talks with him. Echo makes more headway using her ability to speak as a bear.

Down the Rabbit Hole

After being separated by a mysterious hedge, or maybe just a normal hedge, both groups find themselves in a claustrophobic maze, each following the calls of the other group into the maze. The maze continues to get windier and tighter, the non-gnomes among you have to shuffle sideways to continue, and everyone gets the suspicion that the walls of the maze are moving behind you. The groups quickly find themselves lost and separated. Frederick, Traveler, and Geoff, stumble into Jerich, and the Elf With No Name (or the elf that forgot his name due to madness whichever one sounds better). This leads to an awkward introduction since Frederick, Traveler, and Geoff had never met Jerich and the Elf before.

With the guidance of Frederick, who had transformed into a spider and climbed on top of the maze, they managed to slowly make their way through the maze. They don’t make their way far before Frederick notices a large person following them through the maze. Before long this figure catches up to them and attacks. The figure seems to be human although it stands over 8 feet tall and has thick branches and vines growing from his veins. The battle is over fairly quickly and the large man falls after being stuck by webs and blasted with the Elf’s wild magic (after the Elf finally managed to extract himself from the hedge he fell into). The man seemd to relish the fight and had a crazed smile on his face throughout its entirety and could be heard whispering, “dust to dust” in Sylvan before he fell.

The party was quickly set upon by another stranger, a small stick-like pixie, who was in a panic that the party had made their way into these lands and destroyed so much. After the party managed to convince the Child of the Briar that the Elf wouldn’t kill him on sight it emerged and agreed to show them the way to the center of the maze where they could speak with his “queen” who would certainly want to talk to them.

They made their way to the center of the maze and found a beautiful Dryad presiding over an ancient tree. She introduced herself as Oighrig (pronounced Oy-Rik) and chastised them for their trespasses while closing the pathways in and out of her glade. Jerich and Frederick tried to convince the Dryad that they were not at fault, they had been tricked and attacked at every turn but the Dryad had no sympathy. She agreed that they had been tricked into this position by her “Leshi” but that they had brought death to those under her protection and she must kill them regardless as a matter of principle.

The battle did not start well for Oighrigh and her followers. The party struck with precision but the Dryad wove a spell over Geoff, convincing him that his newfound friends Jerich and the direwolf (whom he had forgotten was Frederick) were betrayers. Geoff, having fallen solidly in love with Oighrigh began reigning blows down on Jerich and Frederick. Meanwhile, the small Child of the Briar decided to settle his grudge with the temperamental Elf, leaving the Elf unconscious after a quick flurry of thorns and claws. All the while a quartet of skeletons held together by vines and Oighrigh’s nature magic woke and beset the party. In the midst of the chaos Oighrigh became invisible and re-appeared out of harms way where she could better wield her bow. In the minute that followed, the Elf was healed by Traveler and through a burst of his wild magic managed to evade the Child of The Briar by appearing as 4 duplicates of himself and then blasted small pixie to oblivion; Jerich was felled by Geoff, to be healed by Traveler, after a failed attempt to shake the charm of the Dryad; Frederick tore through the skeletons and continued to tear chunks from the Dryads bark covered form, before his own magic was broken leaving him human once more; Finally, Traveler managed to land the final blow with his arrow striking true in the Dryad’s brow, as she fell the last of her skeletons crumbled and the hedges blocking the exit of the glade rotted and broke.

Bears and Bugs and Birds! Oh My!

During the night Mazik visits once again. He is deeply irritated that he still does not have his obsidian disk yet and decides to take it himself. In his rustling and cursing, he wakes Harold who makes quick work of the imp with a few sickening rays. The demon dies, but not before soiling Harold’s bag with vomit and blood.

The party continues on their journey, most of them unaware of what had happened to everyone’s (some people’s) favorite nuisance. As they walk they continue to notice pieces of scenery that look out of place, some plants and flowers that seem to have unnatural color and vivacity. The forest also grows darker and falls into a constant twilight.

As they pass over a cluster of dark gray speckled mushrooms the mushrooms burst, releasing a fog cloud. Immediately they are ambushed by a pack of wild animals. A bear and dire wolf working in tandem manage to bring down Echo before she can use her own animal forms and blood hawks and red-banded spiders attack Harold and Bilgar. Into the commotion rush Jerich and his crazed elf companion. Through luck or divine means Jerich manages to find Echo in the fog and dispense some of his holy magic as he holds off the wolf and bear. The elf fares just as well, throwing his wild magics in every direction and thankfully hitting only enemies. With their numbers swelled the group dispatches the beasts, Harold dashing a spider against a tree and Bilgar having an extended duel with a hawk.

As the fog clears they realize that Bilgar, Harold, Echo, Jerich, and the Elf realize they have been cut off from the rest of the party by a large hedge that has grown through the middle of the path. After making introductions, with Jerich explaining that he was told to find the party by his god and the Elf explaining that he is lost and a little off his rocker, the group decides to cut (or burn) their way through the hedge. On the other side they find an identical path and set of footprints. By this point they can no longer hear Geoffs distant shouting. They decide to follow the initial path they were on and hopefully find the group as they made their way.

Unfortunately, they find themselves falling into another trap as Jerich and the Elf tumble through a false floor into a pit clouded with spores. They are immediately set upon by a monster made up of hardened clumps of these spores. However, Bilgar quickly learns that they are up against more than just a spore thrall. As he darts out of sight into the exit tunnel he is grabbed by a carnivorous cavern moss that slams him into the ceiling and begins to sap his strength. Thanks to the combined effort of everyone (except Bilgar) the thrall quickly falls, taken down by one of the Elf’s firebolts. They then struggle to release Bilgar from the crutches of this hardy moss….

Freed and exhausted the group takes a moment to rest by the path.

The Gang Kills a Bunny

On their way back to town the group runs into a very beleaguered Frederick Pumpernickle, who shares the story of how his whole town was wiped out. He had traveled far in the past few days trying to find what had happened and why but all he could find was that it was somehow linked to this adventuring group. After telling his tale he quickly falls asleep (on Geoff’s shoulders) for the first time in many days.

As they pass through the gate they are immediately stopped by a guard, apparently the Lord Protector has decided that they have a lot to answer for. The meeting with Lord Protector Cordelia Oldfield goes than perfectly. Her assistant (Willam… not that anyone asked or anything) is still bothered from his last interaction with Bilgar and Harold and looks to foil the party by any means. However, after hearing the tale of Frida and her goblins and of The Shambling Man, Cordelia decides that a tale of heroism would be best for the town. The official story would be that the party were heroes who routed out corruption and evil in the town and bravely slew it’s eneimies. She orders a party to be held in their honor and she pays them a reward for their services.

As they leave they are next met by Milton who has taken a look over the list of stolen items sold to Eggintoft and found one item of extreme importance that he would like back, a box of ashes. He hires the group to go to Eggintoft and retrieve that box, as well as any other items they can find. After being pressed on why the box was so important he reveals that it was an order for Taldin Durr, a former archmage of the Azure Tower.

The party is of course a massive success. The town has swelled as more visitors pour in for the Triboar Festival. There is music (some of it by Traveler) and eventually an extended pub crawl led by Geoff.

In all the commotion Bilgar receives another visit from Mazik who has decided that now is the time to once again try to steal the obisidian disk. This attempt nearly succeeds until Harold is awoken by a noise and instintively blinds Bilgar. As this happens Mazik strikes a second deal with Echo, he’ll ask his fellow demon’s where her brother is and she’ll steal the disc for him. With that, he is off again.

The next day the party sets off for Nianor forest. After a days travel they reach the imposing tree line, everyone remembering the stories they had been told about staying away from elven woods. They delve into the hauntingly beautiful woods and despite being on edge they don’t find any trouble for the first half-a-day, they even free a bunny from a trap, and Geoff and the bunny become fast friends. Towards the end of the day they find themselves surrounded by a scouting party of elves. Apparently, they have strayed to close to Celador and must leave the elves lands immediately.

Despite the prickly introduction the party manages to explain their purpose of finding Echo’s brother and making their way to Eggintoft. Erwedas, the leader of the elf band, explains that many of the elf sons have gone missing in past years and that they will give no aid, they are already to hard pressed by their ongoing war with the Faerie that have taken over much of the forest. Erwedas and her band eventually offer to guide the adventurers to the edge of their land when their hearts are lightened by Geoff’s bold offer to kill the Winter Queen of the Faerie. They leave the party on a bluff overlooking the vastness of Nianor Forest and warn the party to be wary of the Fae and the Bearfolk that block the rest of the path to Eggintoft. Illmindil, Erwedas’ druid, also lets Geoff in on the secret that his bunny was a Treacle, a shapeshifting bloodsucking ooze that latches onto unsuspecting travelers and slowly drains their blood. The ooze made easy target practice for Traveler.

The Shambling Man

Rushing from the temple Geoff hurtles off in search of town guards to arrest Father Longfellow, the occasional grave-robber and currently crying old man. Entering the bustling town square he comes across two guards and frantically explains that all the guard needed to be summoned to fight the Shambling man who was currently attacking the town temple. Of course the Shambling Man was not currently attacking the temple. After gathering a larger group of guards and a member of middle management the audacious story was eventually boiled down to the fact that Father Longfellow needed to be arrested. Two guards were sent to arrest the old man and eventually one of them became convinced that the other should help the adventurers find and kill the shambling man. The second guard, Thaddi, was eventually able to rid himself of this responsibility by shamefully making excuses for himself for several minutes. On the way out of town Harold also excused himself, saying he “had something he needed to go do” after a strange series of candles began lighting up in windows as he passed by them.

After a little over an hour of walking they come to the Grimstone Graveyard. The graves were still disturbed as Longfellow had described and, after a bit of investigation, Echo determined that the graveyard was laced with magical enchantments that would activate once night fell. After a bit of exploring of the small Mausoleum, and activation of its lightning trap, the group settled in and waited for nightfall.
Less than an hour after night fall the group learned why Longfellow had fled. A scarecrow and a shadowy figure rose from two of the undisturbed graves and attacked the party. After dispatching both minions the party met the graveyards ghostly resident, Albreich Grimstone. In return for some peace and quiet the spirit gave the group information regarding the Shambling man, who was of course not the character spotted by Father Longfellow in this graveyard. Grimstone told them that the Shambling man was St. Cuthbert, local folk hero and founder of Triboar nearly 300 years ago. According to the spirit he had become the target of Abal’s ire and was made into her undead servant, a guardian for a prisoner she kept in a nearby temple. If the guardian has escaped then what must have happened to the prisoner, mused Albreich. He refused to tell the adventurers what had been kept prisoner, if he had any idea at all.

The adventurers then set off in the dark of night to kill the St. Cuthbert, again. They found the undead man where Albreich said he would be, resting next to his memorial outside of the town. He was a horrific monster, most of the bones in his body had been broken giving him a crackling shamble whenever he moved, his jaw and tongue had been removed, and he was branded in runes. He immediately rushed at the approaching adventurers spraying a nauseating cloud and attacking with both blade and magic. After suffering numerous wounds he was felled, Echo’s severing most of his neck in her bear form.
With the party victorious Geoff knocked over the statue of St. Cuthbert and the group camped next to the slain foe.

Damsel & Dain in Distress
The Shambling Man 1

With two party members unconscious and Dawn just awaking Traveler had his hands full trying to mend as many wounds as possible. Bilgar tried his best to help but was immediately accosted by Mazik, the imp summoned by Geoff and Bilgar. The tiny fiend was convinced that he had been tricked into servitude in some way and tried to bully the answer out of the overwhelmed gnome. After being told that “friendship” was the only bond Bilgar would hold over Mazik the imp once again disappeared.
Meanwhile brew-master and druid Frederick Pumpernickel is hard at work trying to explain the virtues of Pumpernickel Ale to a fellow druid, Echo the half-elf, while walking her to her next destination in her many month quest in search of her kidnapped brother. Coming upon the scene of the slaughter the two druids heal Harold and Geoff, although the bite Geoff took from Frida’s mask still has a concerning black look to it.
Geoff, being first to be revived, immediately finds Frida’s mask and, after agreeing to give it to Bilgar after, puts it on. He suffers no ill effects and claims to feel re-invigorated to everyone’s relief. Once Harold is revived he immediately asks after the mask, which Bilgar denies he has. Unfortunately the now drunk Frederick Pumpernickel accidentally reveals the secret. Harold offers to trade the contents of Frida’s hidden lock box in order to hold onto the mask but is quickly interrupted as a disk of obsidian (one they quickly realized fit the strange indent in the floor of the worship chamber) flew out of the box and down into the caves.
Unfortunately the disk is heavy and its wielder, Mazik, was tiny. Harold quickly caught up to him and was able to spot the invisible creature thanks to a detect magic spell. He retrieved the disk and the party searched the caves one last time for any clues that may help Echo find her lost brother. Hidden in one of Frida’s drawers they found a manifest showing the sale of 2 slaves and many items from The Ancients Breath missing shipments. Echo joins the party in the hopes that the party will search for their missing cargo and lead her to her missing brother. Realizing he has lost the sale and quickly descending into a hangover Frederick departs to go home to his small gnomish community of Wheaberry.
Pushed on by Traveler the group returns to Triboar. The city seems to be more lively as people are pouring in for the St. Cuthbert festival, now only a week away. After a quick visit to Milton’s they hear a commotion in the street.
Rushing out they find Dain Quickfellow, the hunter who had suggested Dawn as their guide. He is hysterical, claiming that both his house and his wife are gone. They follow him out of town to find his small cottage destroyed. Harold quickly finds that the cottage had been torn down board by board, and where all others failed Dawn was able to find a trail that led them to Dain’s wife who had fled into the forest and hidden in a thorn bush.
After they calm her down she tells them that the monster that destroyed the house had left in the direction of the graveyard to the northeast. Dain swears that this is all the work of Father Longfellow, the temple priest, and claims that there is rumor of him disturbing the graveyard.
Dawn offers to have the couple stay in her room at the Blacksmiths and the party makes their way towards the temple to talk to Father Longfellow. After a few minutes of forceful chatting Longfellow attempts to flee but as he passes into his office is set upon and grappled by a huge snake (Frederick the druid mysteriously reunited with the party). Bound and afraid he tells the party that he had been practicing archaeology on some of the graves (he later admitted to stealing to get gold for the temple). One day he stayed past nightfall and a terrifying figure arose from one of the crypts. He immediately fled, and ever since then he has heard stories of the Shambling man.

A Temple of Strings
The Temple of Strings Part 3

After waiting for an hour the party is convinced that the goblins have fled for good. They begin carefully combing their way through the tunnels. They find no goblins but they do encounter zombies locked in a room marked Danger!.
Shambling corpses weren’t the only scare they encountered. The party began to realize that at one time this was a temple to Abaal the god of Evil. They come across a worship chamber complete with stone pews, gothic pictures in marble, and a headless marionette, a traditional representation of Abaal, over a well adorned ceremony table. They also came across some sort of magical pool which Bilgar noticed seemed to be powered by blood. After Geoff tossed a goblin carcass in the pool a pixie like demon appeared. The Imp’s face quickly cycled from shocked, to confused and he quickly disappeared (to never return I would assume).

After exploring they hear the sound of the goblins returning. The ground shakes as 4 goblins fell a tree near the room the group hides in. Geoff looks out the hole in the roof to investigate and startles the goblins who flee, or so he thinks. Geoff leaves through the roof but takes a hand axe to the back as he tries to help Traveler out. As it turns out one goblin stayed to see if the adventurers would try to leave through the hole. The goblin runs off and by the time the group has made their way into the forest clearing above the tunnels the goblins have returned with their leader, Frida Greatheart.

Frida reminds the crew that she had warned them that this would lead to trouble before donning a nightmarish mask and leading her last goblins into battle. The party would not be defeated this time though, they had learned from their failure and they answered the goblins screams with battle cries of their own (or sarcastic comebacks in Harold’s case). Their resolve was tested as Geoff fell from a well coordinated attack by two goblins and is later bitten with the vicious fangs of Frida’s Mask. Traveler is quickly overwhelmed with the remainder of the goblins while Frida takes her time attacking her main source of frustration, Harold Contrite. The party may well have been overwhelmed if it weren’t for the newfound mastery shown by Bilgar Half-Pint. Darting in and out of the shadows he kills two goblins. Traveler kills another and Frida sacrifices the final one in an attempt to escape. Out of spells and bloodied Harold makes a final desperate move, lassos Frida and jumps back through the hole into the goblin tunnels. With Bilgar’s short sword still stuck through her back she tumbles to her death but not before throwing a final blow at Harold and knocking him unconscious.

With this the party is victorious. They are bloody, and three of them are unconscious, but they have defeated the goblins, rid Triboar of their treasonous guard captain, and gotten their revenge.


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