Down the Rabbit Hole

After being separated by a mysterious hedge, or maybe just a normal hedge, both groups find themselves in a claustrophobic maze, each following the calls of the other group into the maze. The maze continues to get windier and tighter, the non-gnomes among you have to shuffle sideways to continue, and everyone gets the suspicion that the walls of the maze are moving behind you. The groups quickly find themselves lost and separated. Frederick, Traveler, and Geoff, stumble into Jerich, and the Elf With No Name (or the elf that forgot his name due to madness whichever one sounds better). This leads to an awkward introduction since Frederick, Traveler, and Geoff had never met Jerich and the Elf before.

With the guidance of Frederick, who had transformed into a spider and climbed on top of the maze, they managed to slowly make their way through the maze. They don’t make their way far before Frederick notices a large person following them through the maze. Before long this figure catches up to them and attacks. The figure seems to be human although it stands over 8 feet tall and has thick branches and vines growing from his veins. The battle is over fairly quickly and the large man falls after being stuck by webs and blasted with the Elf’s wild magic (after the Elf finally managed to extract himself from the hedge he fell into). The man seemd to relish the fight and had a crazed smile on his face throughout its entirety and could be heard whispering, “dust to dust” in Sylvan before he fell.

The party was quickly set upon by another stranger, a small stick-like pixie, who was in a panic that the party had made their way into these lands and destroyed so much. After the party managed to convince the Child of the Briar that the Elf wouldn’t kill him on sight it emerged and agreed to show them the way to the center of the maze where they could speak with his “queen” who would certainly want to talk to them.

They made their way to the center of the maze and found a beautiful Dryad presiding over an ancient tree. She introduced herself as Oighrig (pronounced Oy-Rik) and chastised them for their trespasses while closing the pathways in and out of her glade. Jerich and Frederick tried to convince the Dryad that they were not at fault, they had been tricked and attacked at every turn but the Dryad had no sympathy. She agreed that they had been tricked into this position by her “Leshi” but that they had brought death to those under her protection and she must kill them regardless as a matter of principle.

The battle did not start well for Oighrigh and her followers. The party struck with precision but the Dryad wove a spell over Geoff, convincing him that his newfound friends Jerich and the direwolf (whom he had forgotten was Frederick) were betrayers. Geoff, having fallen solidly in love with Oighrigh began reigning blows down on Jerich and Frederick. Meanwhile, the small Child of the Briar decided to settle his grudge with the temperamental Elf, leaving the Elf unconscious after a quick flurry of thorns and claws. All the while a quartet of skeletons held together by vines and Oighrigh’s nature magic woke and beset the party. In the midst of the chaos Oighrigh became invisible and re-appeared out of harms way where she could better wield her bow. In the minute that followed, the Elf was healed by Traveler and through a burst of his wild magic managed to evade the Child of The Briar by appearing as 4 duplicates of himself and then blasted small pixie to oblivion; Jerich was felled by Geoff, to be healed by Traveler, after a failed attempt to shake the charm of the Dryad; Frederick tore through the skeletons and continued to tear chunks from the Dryads bark covered form, before his own magic was broken leaving him human once more; Finally, Traveler managed to land the final blow with his arrow striking true in the Dryad’s brow, as she fell the last of her skeletons crumbled and the hedges blocking the exit of the glade rotted and broke.


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