Elf Moses

As the Ogre smashes his axe into the door again, everyone, including Arlew and his crew, stack up and prepare attacks. After a few moments, which Traveler uses to fire shots through the minute holes in the door, the ogre breaks though, destroying the door and the ceiling beams bringing the room crashing down around it. As everyone dives for cover, Timmeth, Geoff, and Jerich are trapped beneath a falling bed. Diving and rolling through the rubble Arlew is able to release a perfect shot from his crossbow and the ogre comes crashing down swatting at the crossbow bolt embedded between its eyes.

As the ogre falls the floor beneath him collapses and everyone sees into the basement for the first time. At one end of the stone corridor there is a flaming portal leading into a marsh and at the other a cage can barely seen through the smoke. Screams for help echo up from the basement as the flames quickly spread across the ceiling beams and through the stonework. Seeing the cage, Harold runs back to the body of Grundy the gnome and searches for his keys. Meanwhile Timmeth jumps into the basement, just ahead of the flames, and begins pouring magical acid on the locks. Harold and Echo quickly follow, although they have to rush through the quickly spreading flames that have now engulfed most of the hallway. The lock gives way under the acid and dozens of near naked, emaciated elves stampede from the cage, its bars starting to glow in the heat. Pushing through the throng Harold is unlicks the basement door and they all rush for the main exit. A few elves are left behind, either dead from the flames, or from their captivity.

As the near 70 elves (64 to be exact) collapse outside of the demonic house Echo finds the one she was looking for, the only half-elf in the group, and the only elf that is still fully clothed, her brother. Immediately Timmeth, held in awe by the elves as a savior, begins preaching the story of how he was sent by the stars and gods to save them. Harold, despite obviously being a fan of organized religion, tries his best to discredit the charismatic elf ‘prophet’ but just as Timmeth proclaims that he will lead them safely from this demi-plane the house shakes, the basement collpases, and the demi-plane dissolves. This mix of lucky timing and persausive lying cements Timmeth as someone very important in the minds of many of the elves, a few of whom seem to recognize him from his previous life. One of the elves, Hammit, who seems less exhausted and frazzled from the captivity recognizes Timmeth as the Rhonir of Celador.

Back in the collapsed house, everyone begins looting, looking for the items that Milton sent them to find. They manage to find everything except the bag of eyes. Geoff stops for a few minutes attempting to coerce the ghost to speak to him but she remains silent, despite his best efforts. In Gideon’s study Bilgar and Harold find a chest full of gold and potions and unlock it, after first disabling a very clever lock. They pile the gold into 8 sections and find 250gp and 37pp. In the remnents of the kitchen they also manage to find barrels of water and bags of oatcakes which are distributed to the elves. The sun just begins to rise as they begin a good long rest.

By mid-afternoon they set off. At first seeming a little confused that the elves would wnat to follow them, and their elven saviour, back to safety. They start making their way off the series of islands when they encounter a monstrously fat giant. It drags the body of Gormal, the bearfolk, behind it. Out of instint Traveler shoots before the giant notices everyone. It bellows in rage and charges madly across the landbridge connecting the swamp and the islands. Everyone looses their various ranged attacks and Jerich and Geoff take defensive positions on the edge of the island, however, the giant never makes it that far. He runs into Rhonir’s (the elf formerly known as Timmeth) wall of wind and is slowed to a crawl while being pelted with. He quickly loses interest and turns around to find another way through but Geoff and Rhonir aren’t content to leave this fight unnended and they mercelessly mock the giant. While he doesn’t seem to understand the common tongue they use he still seems offended with Rhonir’s challenge and before departing he hurls the body of Gormal at the sorcerer. The elf is knocked unconscious as the furry body of your now dead bear-friend slams into him.


Gg, bear. We bearly knew ye.

Elf Moses
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