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As the party enjoys a meal hosted by Lord Gideon Saltmarsh Echo, having seen the horrors hidden throughout the house, excuses herself to fetch Frederick, Harold, and Traveler, who had been skulking outside in case of ambush. Hearing the story, and having determined on his own that the manor was its own demi-plan, Harold stormed into the hall and demanded answers. After a brief moment of stammering, Gideon realized his charade was up and sprang for the exit but Bilgar had him at knifepoint before he could take more than a step. In a few strides Harold crossed the room and cast inflict wounds with a slap. A half dozen wide gashes opened in across Gideon’s chest and neck and he fell forward to the table inches from death. With his final breath, he hissed out “Groros help me” and brought a fireball crashing down on himself.

In an instant the great hall was destroyed. Only Bilgar and Geoff were quick enough to avoid the blast, the rest were engulfed in flames and shrapnel. The four servants and Gideon were killed and Frederick and Echo were thrown unconscious.

Not wasting any time the party charged through the house after the Manservant Grundy who had left the room just before the commotion. Traveler and Timmeth stayed for a moment to help Frederick and Echo back to their feet. Breaking into two groups they found a number of enemies throughout the house. A fight broke out between Bilgar, Geoff, and a Flesh Golem who had been waiting in the kitchen, and between Jerich, Echo, and a Ghoul. Timmeth killed the ghoul, despite seeming a little absent minded the whole fight, and Echo killed the ghoul in the tradition manner of dire wolves, ripping out its tongue and then crushing its throat.

With the unthinking enemies out of the way they came to Grundy and the Half-Orcs who had barricaded themselves in the servants quarters. Upon hearing Harold shout for a healing potion they quickly struck trying to bring down the wounded wizard with crossbow bolts, however, a quick casting of shield kept him safe from all but one of the bolts. With the door open the entirety of the group struck with Echo jumping the barricade, Geoff and Jerich bashing through a wall, and the rest attacking from a distance. One of the half-orcs fell, once again brought down by the absent minded Timmeth, and their leader began attempting to reason his way out of the fight. After learning that the half-orcs were as much prisoners as the rest of the party they decided to join forces in their escape, only after Grundy was excecuted of course.

As they took a breath in the calm after the constant fighting there was a slam at the door, as the point of an axe burst its way through the woodwork.


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