After resting long enough to allow Rhonir to recuperate the party once again set off for Celador and Triboar. But not before Hammit had a chance to question the chaotic elf while his guard was down. Rhonir had travelled from Celeador with a newcomer claiming to be a fabled Mistwalker. According to Rhonir’s story, the newcomer failed in the fey while Rhonir returned with growing power. Hammit shares that he believes Rhonir to be the true Mistwalker. They must make their way to Celador’s elders to learn their judgement.

The party is once again met with Bearfolk as they make their way from the swamp. They are decidedly less friendly this time (despite not being that friendly before). They are hearded into a glen where tow Bearfolk leaders are arguing, Fionnighal and Aristan. Arsitan is pleading with the Bearfolk to kill the elves, since they will eventually regain their health and come back to wage war. Fionneghal refuses the idea, it is against the honor that their people stand for. If war comes they’ll fight it, but they won’t slaughter unarmed prisoners.

Geoff and Rhonir try their hand at calming the angry Bearfolk, offering gifts for passage and swearing that no war would come to the Bearfolk. As they do Hammit steps forward to speak for the elves. The elves will return to take back their land, no matter what the Bearfolk decide. Just as he finishes speaking he is struck with an arrow and falls. A dark shape darts back into the treeline, a fey elf. Battle breaks out, Fionneghal and Arsitan’s forces clash with the undefended elves in the middle. Much of the party stays to keep the bearfolk from tearing the elves apart.

Thanks to a burst of wild magic Rhonir is able to teleport and catch the fey elf. Geoff, Echo, and Egor (Echo’s brother) work to kill Arsitan and his bodyguards. In the confusion, Bilgar slips away into the forest and begins catching the Bearfolk not yet in the fight unawares. Rhonir falls with multiple arrows in the chest but is brought back with a healing potion. The fey elf slips away while he is unconscious. Bilgar kills a few of the Bearfolk in the forest before joining the battle in the glen. Meanwhile, Arsitan falls to a dozen blows and Fionneghal declares the argument decided, the Elves may leave.

With that the battle is over, the Bearfolk take their dead, except Arsitan, and leave. With eight now dead the elves find their way back to Celador. The party is once again greeted by Erwedas’ scouts. Since the elves were so heavily in the parties debt, Bilgar is able to guilt one of them into giving him a rapier. The elves, along with Rhonir, then make their way back to Celador. The rest of the party is not permitted to see the city. In Celador Rhonir is questioned by the council and they come to the same conclusion as Hammit, Rhonir must be the Mistwalker sent to help them in their war against the fey. They ask him to stay, to learn his powers and lead their people in the battles to come. He takes some time to think, buying a few items his party members had requested from the elves and making the journey to camp. When he arrived he had made his decision. He would stay with the elves, win back the life he’d lost, and help them in their war.


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